Monday, 8 February 2016

Gazing out to sea

Nick gazes out to sea
Miklos gazes out to sea

Sun 7th Feb - A full day on site

James finds a fossil
Lisa finds a fossil
A pretty vertebra
Ali finds a fossil
Eve finds a fossil
Mary finds a fossil
Mary's lovely fossil

Saturday 6th Feb - first day at site

Gen finds "bone of the day"
Ben breaks rock
Adele with a fossil
A large limb in cross section

Monday, 1 February 2016

Pat Vickers Rich AO‏

For those who missed the announcement on Australia Day, Dr Patricia Vickers Rich has been apointed an Officer (AO) in the General Division of The Order of Australia. This honour was awarded for distinguished service to the earth sciences, particularly palaeontology, as an academic, to education curriculum development, and to international scientific organisations.

You can find more details on the website of the Governor-General of Australia.

Congratulations, Pat!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cooking up a storm

Today we made some of the pre-cooked frozen meals for the dig, under the watchful eye of chief chef Corrie. I think they're looking pretty good!
The meat lasagnas cooling
The vege lasagnas in the oven
Pasties ready for the oven
Lasagnas and pasties

Friday, 22 January 2016

Almost ready for the 2016 dig

The 2016 Field Season will be at Eric the Red West (near Cape Otway) from Saturday 6th to Saturday 27th February.  We are planning meals, checking equipment and making sure we have enough wrapping material.
This year we will run Friends' Day (not a Friend? Join here) during the dig itself, on Sunday 21 February.  Even though the site is harder to get to than our Inverloch site, we thought that our Friends might like to see our new site and the dig actually in action (instead of opened up especially for them).  Because it is such a long drive from Melbourne, we will invite our Friends to stay Saturday night, have dinner with the crew and probably even convince Dr Rich to give us a talk about the site, the finds or the mammals.

No more Ads

Frequent readers of this blog will notice that I have removed the advertisements.  They were a little bit ugly, and earning a bit less than $10 a month.  It was an interesring exercise to try, to see if it solved our funding holes, so we are now a bit more educated about this newfangled interweb thing the youngsters keep talking about!